call for participation “Along the light”


Festival for analogue visuals and sound  15. – 20.09.2014 in Cologne

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overheads on tour

overheads on bike

as part of the festival this is not detroit we offer two more nightly performative bike trips through the city of bochum. first tour is at 10 pm friday june 20, starting point is in front of the schauspielhaus bochum, second at 10 pm saturday june 21, starting point at the bergbaumuseum bochum.

overheads on bike


a nightly performative bike trip through cologne. sunday june 15th meeting point is close to the railway tracks next to sechszigstrasse in nippes, cologne.

Overheads on Bike ist Teil der Reihe “Plattform für künstlerische Produktion”, gefördert vom Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW sowie der Rheinenergiestiftung Kultur. Eine Veranstaltung von ON – Neue Musik Köln, gefördert durch die Stadt Köln.

monochrome layering @ sight and sound montreal

phot by Guzzo Desforges

photo by Guzzo Desforges

performance 21. of may @ sight and sound festival montreal

performance at museum of sculpture glaskasten marl

as part of the finnissage of the marler media awards 2013

performance pretty ray vibration

NOVEMBER 10th, SUN, Köln,
Atelier Dürrenfeld/Geitel, Körnerstr.71, Hofgebäude, 20h,
plattform nicht dokumentierbarer ereignisse
o`dwyer+woonjung-sim / pretty ray vibration

 woonjung-sim – corean percussion
tim o`dyer – baritone saxophone
ray vibration – sounds/visual on overhead projectors
carl ludwig hübsch – tuba

performance soundart 2013 lange nacht der museen köln

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 12.00.07 PM

performance @ shinytoys festival


performance @ play festival, galerie ampersand


rooftop performance on friday 14.06. and indoor performance with jan arlt on saturday 15.06.2013


performance with jan arlt @ 10qm public art project


for the finissage of the 10qm project we played together with jan arlt.

tanzgastspiel @ alte feuerwache köln

photos from Bernd Wendt

dance improvisation with compagnie double c  (Chrystel GUILLEBEAUD, Chun-Hsien WU ) produced by gerngesehen with support from  Kulturamt der Stadt Köln.


photos by Bernd Wendt

wmswf @ transmediale


we will show our new set wmswf thursday the 31.01.2013 at the transmediale in berlin.

Pixel Klänge + Avant Art Festival

photo: bernd wendt

photo: bernd wendt

Pixel Klänge + Avant Art Festival 19.10.2012 Alte Feuerwache, Köln

friday lights @ kulturform in herz jesu

double C on overhead 04/05/2012
Transmediale Tanzimprovisationen im Rahmen von friday lights
Kulturforum in Herz Jesu e.V., Herz Jesu-Kirche, Zülpicherplatz, Köln

workshop audio visual experiments with the overhead-projector

as part of the second edition of interface experimental soundart at the forum freies theater düsseldorf , from 10/01/2012-14/01/2012

performance at the domicil, dortmund

performance at the shinytoys festival mülheim-ruhr

isea 2011 satelite event audiovisual experiments


In this three day workshop you can develop simple musical instruments and sound generators that are electrically amplified and that run partly autonomous and to work on the visual aspects of the instruments as they are at the same time projected by the overhead projector.
The workshop takes place from the 21-23 September at the Ringlokschuppen Muehlheim close to the city Muehlheim-Ruhr as a satellite event of Isea Istanbul. The location, technical support and funding are kindly provided by the Shinytoys Festival for audiovisual experiments and the Ringlokschuppen Muehlheim.

performance/lecture/workshop designacademy eindhoven

Interface / Werkstatt für experimentelle Sound-Art

Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf
Interface / Werkstatt für experimentelle Sound-Art 17-22/02. performance saturday 22/02 6pm

performance at the sunshinebar bauwagenplatz cologne

start 19:30

open air concert at victoria b

start at 7pm at the galerie victoria b in bonn

performance @ the node festival frankfurt

the node 10 forum for digital arts, kunstverein frankfurt

dokfest kassel

kasseler dokumentar- und videofest

performance at the shiny toys camp

performance at opekta cologne


performance at “palast der irrlichter” as part of the beatplantation minifestival

die beatplantation und shiny toys

short performance sgmk diy-week 2010 in romainmotier

performance at bollwerk 107 shiny toys explore sight and sound

performance at shiny toys

on friday the 21 of may 2010 we perform at bollwerk 107 within the special project shiny toys explore sight and sound as part of the night sessions of the moers festival

performance at the piksel festival

picture by pascal gustin

performance at lab30

OHPenSurface Workshop @ art of the overhead malmoe


a workshop with a focus on low-tech appropriation and performative uses of the overhead projector as part of the art of the overhead festival in malmoe.

performance at cuba-cultur/black box in muenster

perfomance at kloster gravenhorst

performance at the art of the overhead festival in malmoe

perfomance with double c within gerngesehen 26 cologne

Transmediale Tanzimprovisationen mit
Double C (Chun-Hsien Wu & Chrystel Guillebeaud)

Foto: Bernd Wendt (2009)

more pictures

workshop kunst und musik mit dem tageslichtprojektor


a one week workshop for experimenting with the overhead projector at the moltkerei. with a final presentation in the tradition of the art of the overhead festival.